Richard McGonagle

Think of your favorite TV shows and movies – well, there he is: Richard McGonagle! You know them all! On the tube he’s everywhere: the recurring Judge Patrick Wilcox on The Practice, The West Wing, Six Feet Under, Ally McBeal, The Agency, recurring on Third Rock From the Sun, Seinfeld, Roswell, The X-Files, Star Trek - Next Generation, and Voyager, or check out films like, Rules of Engagement, Mighty Joe Young, Senseless, The American President and much more! Think you recognize a certain deep, warm voice? Yes, that’s Richard, whose special talents make him a highly popular voice-over actor. You hear him everywhere from documentary narrations, to animation, to national commercials, to audio books. This busy actor also happens to be a highly talented writer and is currently developing a TV project with a razor-sharp edge! But for Richard, it’s always acting on top of the list and the industry and fans agree!
Richard McGonagle is the go-to guy, because this charismatic charmer has the uncanny ability to bring a depth and reality to a wide range of characters. Producers and directors know they can count on the easy-going actor to deliver the goods with no muss no fuss. His fans love him, because they know whatever the role, he’ll take them on a great ride! No surprise this warm-hearted guy can transform into anyone, from menacing bad-boy, to strong judge, to dependable dad, to cold-hearted killer, to austere general, to corporate criminal, to comic funster. Here’s what they say about Richard’s performances: “mysterious” – “warm” – “gripping” – “magnetic” – “dangerous” – “hilarious” – “powerful” – “scary” – “friendly” – this guy’s got range!
This compelling actor has lived a life that forged determination and strength. Richard’s pals know him to be a man of extraordinary strength of character and a friend you can count on, he’s the kind of guy who’s still close-friends with his ex-wife! He grew up in Boston, then duty called. Three years in the Navy, Richard served two cruises in Vietnam. Following his tour of service, Richard returned to Massachusetts and began the climb of the self-made man. He started working in summer stock, then local TV, theater, and films. He loved it! It was time to make the move to New York City – bright lights and Off & Off-Off Broadway!
It was great! Richard found himself a busy New York City actor, performing in the theater, and studying at the prestigious Actor’s Institute. Of course, when it came to that little matter of paying the bills, he made a career move from waiter to bartender (the tips were better!) Richard redoubled his determination to succeed as an actor, and payday – he started to book commercials – definitely a good sign. Then along came “Clem Margolies,” his role on ABC’s Loving in its first year! That was a breakthrough moment.
Dreams were coming true and as the career took off Richard found himself “commuting” between coasts to keep up with all the work that was coming in! Finally, L.A. became home base for this east-coast guy as the demand for his services in TV and movies grew. No wonder, ask Richard what he likes to do, and you’ll get one answer: “Entertain!” – and that’s just what we wanted to hear! So, click the remote, or pick a movie, there’s a good chance you are going to see one of Hollywood’s busiest actors – Richard McGonagle!
Richard loves to hear from his fans, “I’m the luckiest guy, I have the most loyal, enthusiastic fans! I always enjoy finding out what they think of my latest project, and I really appreciate their support so much.”